Here you can see a compilation of pictures, collages and videos that I produced for documentation purposes.
You can see how versatile and demanding this work is.
It really takes a lot of experience and routine to understand the steel (metallurgy) of a blade and its geometry.
During the sharpening, the blade also "speaks" to me. By that I mean the sound of the sanding belt, the stone, etc., the feel, the appearance of the sanding track.

Steel also has an inner workings. It changes its properties enormously when the temperature rises  and when deep freezing.

So have fun  while looking!
if it is  fad will then call me and pack the dull stuff and you will get it back sustainably and better than re-sharpened.
  Yes, and it's also insanely expensive. (Hoax)


Colorful mix of  Products forged in my cutlery in Ebreichsdorf  or have been sanded, repaired and / or restored.