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For 45 years I have had a high affinity for everything that cuts, hacks or stings, or flies through the air and eliminated evil cowboys and Indians.

It was probably Winnetou or Karl May's fault in my childhood.

Already as a 7 year old (1974) I made wooden knives tomhawks, bows and arrows and fought against evil on my prairie (property and construction site of my parents) including the surrounding enemy territory (arable meadow forest).

.and tied our neighbors' children to trees ... nothing works today anymore.

At the age of 20 I made my first knife using simple means back then ... I still have it today in the same condition as it was back then (

With my experience and practice, as a specialist in the manufacture and maintenance (forging, grinding, polishing and repairing) of knives, scissors, pliers and hand tools, I allow myself to offer my services creativity, inventiveness and extravagance.

2483 Ebreichsdorf on August 1st, 2019 
Martin Nagy

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